Giving Levels

The Second Century Campaign – Giving Levels

The Second Century Campaign is a significant commitment for every member of Arkansas Alpha. The campaign provides each of us an opportunity to give back to the chapter we love and ensure a bright future for the next 100 years of Pi Beta Phi at the University of Arkansas.

There are a variety of ways which you may make a campaign gift, including check, credit card, automatic draft or securities. We have prepared a list of current and future needs as well as recognition and naming opportunities. We need gifts of all sizes and we want all Arkansas Alphas, their families and friends to be a part of this effort. There are many giving opportunities and no gift is too large or too small! Each of us should give from the heart – not an equal share, but with equal love and enthusiasm. If you have any questions about the levels of giving, other opportunities or would like to receive a pledge form in the mail, please contact Misty McIlroy Hawkins.

Click here to download a PDF of the pledge form.


Naming opportunities are available for gifts of $10,000 and above. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

The Chapter Room: $500,000
The Dining Room: $250,000
The Foyer & Formal Living: $250,000
The Philanthropy Library: $150,000
The Courtyard: $100,000
The President’s Suite: $50,000
The Memorial Garden: $50,000
The Courtyard Balcony: $50,000
The Courtyard Fountain: $50,000
The Wilson Street Balcony: $50,000
The Maple Street Patio: $50,000
The Entry Porch & Walkway: $50,000
The Executive Office & Conference Room: $25,000
The House Mother’s Residence: $25,000
The Kitchen: $25,000
The Circle Drive: $25,000
The Fitness Room: $25,000
The Summer Kitchen: $25,000
The Veranda: $25,000
The Art Galleries (up to 2): $25,000 each
The Member Bath & Dressing Areas (2 available): $25,000 each
Study Rooms (up to 7): $10,000-$25,000 each
The Large Guest Powder Room: $20,000
Individual Bedrooms (up to 35): $10,000 each
The Small Guest Powder Rooms (up to 2): $10,000 each
The Art Room: $10,000
The Computer Room: $10,000
The Mailroom: $10,000
The Laundry Room: $10,000
The Drink/Snack Room: $10,000

Legacy donors will have a permanent acknowledgement of their gift displayed within or near their sponsored room/area. The exact wording, type of display and location will be confirmed at the time of the pledge. In addition, Legacy donors will be listed on the Major Donor plaque in the Courtyard and be acknowledged with a Pi Phi paver.

Pi Society Gifts ($3,141.59 – $9,999)

Pi, the thirteenth letter of the Greek alphabet, is a mathematical constant beginning with the decimals 314159 . . . . A gift at this level will designate donors into the Pi Society, a group of contributors who signify the constant of Pi Beta Phi in their lives. Pi Society members will will be listed on the Major Donor plaque in the Courtyard area and be acknowledged with a small Pi Phi paver.

Courtyard Benches ($5,000)

Honor or memorialize a special Pi Phi sister with a courtyard bench. Acknowledgments will be etched into the benches and placed throughout the courtyard at our new chapter home.

Chapter Room Chairs ($2,000)

This is your chance to have your name as a part of this sacred place in our new home. Each chair that is donated will have a plaque attached to the back with the name and initiation year of the Arkansas Alpha being honored. Donors at this level of giving will also be acknowledged with a small Pi Pi paver.

Pi Phi Pavers ($1,000 – $1,909)

Brick pavers fill the Courtyard and we want your name to be there! Etch your Pi Phi memories in stone or recognize a loved one. Makes a great graduation gift! Both small and large pavers are available.

Angel Gifts (under $1,000)

We need gifts of all sizes and we want all Arkansas Alpha, their friends and families to be a part of this effort. Be an angel and give from the heart.

Memorial Gifts

Honor a beloved sister with a memorial gift to recognize her love, service and loyalty to Pi Beta Phi and to celebrate the dedication of the new chapter house. Acknowledgement of your gift will be sent from Pi Beta Phi to the honored family.

Click here to download a pledge form or make an online donation on your right.

For more information about levels of giving, tax-deductible gifts and naming opportunities contact Misty McIlroy Hawkins.


Thank you for choosing to make a donation to The Second Century Campaign in support of the new Pi Beta Phi Arkansas Alpha Chapter House! Donations made through our website will be sent directly to the Arkansas Alpha Chapter House Corporation and will NOT be tax deductible. For information on tax deductible donations or to make a pledge to the campaign, please download a pledge agreement here.

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All donations of $1,000 or more will receive a small brick paver in the new Courtyard. You will be contacted later in the year for exact wording of your paver.